Sharing My Blog

Hi everyone!

Although I’ve already discussed which social media tool I’d like my blog to be shared on, this week I’ve been asked to discuss how I would like this blog to be shared through anything! It may sound cliche to say, but I truly think that social media is the best way to share my blog still. Ideally, this would mean people would share this blog across multiple forms of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I feel that social media is the best tool to do this because this website is digital based, so I feel sharing it on popular digital platforms is the best idea, accessibility-wise at least. If my blog was to be shared through something other than social media, I’d like it to be featured on perhaps a critics section of an online publication. If a well known website was to feature one of my reviews/recommendations, that would be excellent exposure for my blog, and this form of sharing could also be pushed forward and shared on social media as well!

At the end of the day, I think any sort of online exposure would be ideal for sharing this blog, because it is a digital product.


Comparing Blogs

Hey everyone!

This week I was asked to compare my website to blogs of similar content. I think that a lot of movie and TV blogs can be a bit overwhelming a lot of the time, so I think mine differs from this approach because I like to keep my posts neat and organized, offering just enough information on the films/shows without giving any spoilers away. Of course, if a blog wants to be a space to discuss films and shows in their entirety including spoilers, it is there right to do so. I think my blog is a bit different because I would like the readers to see for themselves if they would enjoy a movie or not, I don’t want to ruin all of the fun!

In addition to this, I also think that movie/TV blogs tend to be very jam-packed with information and posts. I only want to post about what I want, when I want, which is the luxury of running my own blog. I may not have as big of an audience as some of the other movie/TV blogs, but I like having a space to just discuss my thoughts, audience or not. I see this blog as more of a recommendation site, instead of a hardcore movie/TV review site.

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Powerpuff Yourself!


Hey everyone!

I created a powerpuff girls version of myself on, and I think it came out pretty nice! I liked all of the different clothes options you could choose with your character. I had made one of these when this site was first up a year or two ago, but I don’t remember taking the quiz at the end, and I definitely think they added more options in terms of hair, accessories and clothing. To create my character, I had to choose skin color, eye shape/color, hair design/color, and smile. After that, I just needed to pick out clothes and accessories. After creating my character, I had to take a short quiz in order to determine my super power. In result, apparently my super power is superhuman sweetness, which I thought was pretty nice! The description read, “You Have Superhuman Sweetness! You bake the yummiest brownies, have a smile sweeter than cotton candy, and charm the socks off of every single person you meet.” I don’t know if that’s all true, but isn’t that adorable? I think that this was a super cute idea that the show creators came up with. Powerpuff Girls was one of my favorite cartoons growing up, so I definitely felt a little nostalgic when I made this as well.

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Creative Commons and GoT

Hey everyone!

For my class I needed to find a piece of media that falls in line with the guidelines for fair use. I found this promo video for next week’s episode of Game of Thrones by using the Creative Commons search engine. By the way, episode 7×04 was so absolutely insane and awesome and beautiful and exciting! But I’m not going to spoil anything for those who may not have watched it yet, or don’t care for it. Anyway, the reason I chose this video is because I am a huge fan of this show, and since it is on TV it pertains to my blog.

This video falls in line with the fair use guidelines because I am only using it for commenting purposes and this video has already been published by HBO. Along with that, this video is also very short (only about 30 seconds) so the amount of content used is still favorable for fair use. Basically, since I am not using this content for my own personal gain or copyright, and because this has already been released to the public, this video qualifies for fair use. I’m so excited to see what happens in the weeks to come within this show, I just had to post something about it on this blog. I’m thinking about writing a couple posts about this show, but I’m finding it difficult to do so without giving too much away for those who are trying to avoid spoilers. It’s pretty hard to talk about this show when it’s in it’s 7th season without giving anything away!




When my professor told me to post a meme to this blog, at first I laughed thinking about all of the possible images I could post. In result, I chose to post this meme about The Emoji Movie because it pertains to movies still, but also pokes fun at all of the memes that surfaced about 2016 being an awful year, and it also makes fun of the awful reviews that The Emoji Movie has received since it’s release. If you were wondering, upon it’s first release, The Emoji Movie earned a notorious 0% on rotten tomatoes.

In the most recent chapter of The Social Media Reader that we had to read for class, we read about memes and their significance, but I also learned that emojis are considered memes too. So, this image is funny to me because it turns out that it’s a meme about a movie about memes. What’s also funny, is that this meme was obviously created at the end of 2016, before anyone could have actually known just how bad this movie turned out to be. I think it’s possible that memes could be made about anything, but a good meme usually is truthful to some degree, which is what makes it so popular.

In my opinion, this meme hit the nail on the head.


Thoughts on Promoting

Hey everyone!

I’ve always felt weird asking people to promote work or stuff that I’ve done, but if I had to have my blog promoted on some sort of social media tool, I think I’d encourage the use of twitter. I feel like twitter can be pretty divided, content-wise, but generally the people you follow on twitter offer opinions that you agree with or at least care about. So if I was trying to promote my blog, I would want people to tweet my link to it and maybe describe why they enjoyed my content. This way, people can share it via retweets, or favorite to check out later/save it. Essentially, any sort of social media sharing of my blog would be considered promotion. I don’t always feel as if one social media tool is better than the other, but I wouldn’t say that Instagram is the best place to promote my blog because my content is not very image based. More text based social media sites like twitter or Facebook would provide a better audience, at least in my opinion. Let me know what you guys think!



Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite films, Whiplash (2014).

This film was written and directed by Damien Chazelle, who also wrote and directed La La Land (2016). As you may be able to tell by the pictures I added to this post, this film is centered around music and musicians. The film stars Miles Teller as a young drummer named Andrew who is studying at a prestigious music conservatory, and his relationship with the school’s most notorious professor, Fletcher, who is played by J.K. Simmons.


Andrew gains the attention of Fletcher one night while he is practicing, and soon earns a spot as second chair for Fletcher’s prestigious jazz band. During Andrew’s first day with Fletcher’s band, he soon realizes that Fletcher is not afraid to push his students at any cost to make them realize their full potential. Fletcher’s abuse is harsh, it’s fast, and it’s dangerous for one’s mental health, but Andrew persists with the band no matter what because he wants to be one of the greats. This film contains an excellent soundtrack, and the music guides the action throughout it’s entirety. Although jazz music may seem relaxed at times, this film uses every chance it gets to make the music build upon the tensions and anxieties of the characters.

whiplash .jpg

This is a great film that expresses the lengths people will go through to showcase their abilities, and their strive for greatness. J.K. Simmons offers one of the best performances in years as Fletcher, the manipulative and psychotic professor that will stop at nothing to push his students to their breaking points. The editing and direction is spectacular as well, and keeps the pace of the movie moving quickly and effectively. Overall, this is one of the most exciting movies I’ve seen in a long time. The ending scene will have you completely hooked. Whiplash gave me a sense of anxiety that really made me feel for the main character, and the music just adds upon that anxiety. This film is excellent, I’d highly recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a good musical drama.

I rate this movie 9/10.